Thursday, 9 May 2013

My tips for spending less on takeaways (save £s and lose lbs!)...

If you're trying to save the pennies, takeaways are one area where you could potentially save a LOT of money!! We're all guilty of taking this lazy option from time to time but here are a few things I've done to help me stay away and save money: -

  • Make sure your fridge and cupboards are never bare. You're much less likely to be tempted to a cheeky Chinese if you've got something tasty in at home! One great way to do this is to plan your meals for the week (and shopping list) before you go to the supermarket (not as tedious as it might sound, trust me); this will help you budget and save money on your food shop too!
  • Stay on top of the washing up/dishwasher duties. This is easier said than done (especially if you're a natural washing-up shirker like me), but it really helps! Cooking a proper meal seems a lot less daunting/time consuming when you don't have to wash up loads of dishes first!
  • Don't deprive yourself entirely. In my experience, you'll be less likely to stick to it that way! You could try allowing yourself one takeaway every 2 months (or only on special occasions). Alternatively, treat yourself to takeaway-style food from the supermarket (e.g. curries, pizzas etc) every once in a while. It's a lot cheaper, and probably a bit healthier too!
  • Just can't resist the temptation? Have a look on the Food Standards Agency website for hygiene ratings in your local area. You may find that your favourite takeaways have really low ratings; suddenly their food may not seem so appetising! 
  • If you're a fan of Domino's and you just can't give it up, NEVER pay full price for it! You can get plenty of half price and £10 off deals online if you search for Domino's voucher codes. 
  • One final tip is my Dad's favourite phrase: 'Don't have eyes bigger than your belly'! If you DO splash out, make sure you don't order more than you can eat. This sounds so obvious but I'm guilty of throwing lots of take-away food away in the past because I'd ordered too much!

How do you resist takeaway temptation? I'd love to hear your suggestions! Please comment below :-)

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  1. Hi, I can't find you on Twitter, but I wanted to let you know I featured this post in the BritMums Newbie Tuesday blog. Tweet me @actuallymummy if you need the link

    1. That's so nice of you thank you! I'm sorry to say that life has got in the way of writing this blog and I've had to give it up, at least for a while. Thanks for your support though :)


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